After taking the Taiwanese style braised pork belly rice to Hokkaido, we decided to bring Singapore’s sliced fish soup to Taiwan next.

Our partner supplies daily caught Mahi Mahi fish so you are guaranteed the freshest sashimi and sliced fish soup at our restaurant. Unlike the usual style in Singapore, we do not add milk into our soup. Instead, our milky fish collagen broth is painstakingly slow-cooked for hours till the essence of the ingredients are all in the soup.

Set like a ramen restaurant, the counter seating allows you to see the chefs in action while you anticipate the arrival of your order. Limited to 100 bowls daily, make sure you go early to avoid disappointment!

定置漁場三代目The Fishery
建國路23號1樓 Hualian City, Taiwan
Tel: +886 3 833 5090