After 5 years of serving our burgers to our appreciative audience, we have re-vamped our restaurant (yes yes all those spanking new restaurants at the IRs are keeping us on our toes). We noticed that everyone else serving burgers decided to adopt our white-washed décor with blackboards so we decided to move away from the pack and have chosen a darker and more sophisticated look with over-sized lampshades.

In addition to our new décor, we have added many of our own favourite comfort food (think pastas, soups, fish fillets, curries and braises!) to the existing burgers which continue to be on the list of Singapore’s best burgers and we continue to ensure that our patties are not made from dodgy parts (tails, ears, nose…) but rather from parts of the animal that was meant for burgers (chuck, shin, rib-eye).

Chef Willin’s wide range of burgers are both good & fun to eat – there are burgers which we won’t mess with (think greasy smoky bacon, melted emmental cheese, medium-rare juicy beef patty, guacamole all forced between lightly toasted sesame buns) to burgers that are – well not so traditional (for example – the Blue Cheese Beef Burger with Rucola, Poached Pear & Walnut Butter, the paper-thin omelet-wrapped Ram-Lee Burger, the Soft-Boned Char-Siew Pork Open Foccacia Burger & our very own mouth watering Chicken Nasi Lemak Burger).

Through these years, Chef Willin and team has created a few outstanding items as you can see from both outlet's menu. The best selling burgers in relish gardens is Mushroom and Cheese burger and our all time signature burger " Wild Rocket burger", not forgeting soft shell chilli crab with masak merah sauce.

Don’t forget our popular all-day brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, where we serve burger-inspired brunch items like our home-made pork & apple sausage patty breakfast burger and the smoked salmon, scrambled egg & cream cheese bagel. Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention our fresh fruit sangrias which are the best things you can drink on a lazy weekend.