our team

Willin Low

I firmly believe that the real purpose of cooking is to make people happy and think that is the reason I enjoy cooking (and eating) so much.

Whilst studying in England I started cooking partly because I hated the food served in the halls of residence and partly to console homesick classmates from Singapore. I enjoyed cooking so much that even when I returned home to work as a lawyer, I carried on cooking as a chef-for-hire over the weekends.

Finally after 8 years as a lawyer, I decided to abandon the corporate world and start my own restaurant.

I knew opening a restaurant would be hard work but I never dreamt that it would be that much hard work, if I knew what I know now that is required to open a restaurant, I would probably never have taken that first step. But ignorance is bliss and once you have quit your job to pursue something as crazy as opening a restaurant, you have to make it work – no matter what.

The Staff

The very foundation of wild rocket is the team of staff who have worked very hard to ensure the diners have a great experience, be it food, drinks, service or even the ambience. I always recall the anecdote of how everyone can see the swan that gliding gracefully on the lake, but what no one can see is under the still water surface, the swan is paddling its feet like crazy – it takes a lot of effort to look effortless.

Without the staff, none of this magic is possible. The core team of the staff all have a stake in the business, so they are not just employees but co-owners with me.