about us

Wild Rocket started in 2005 out of a selfish ambition; because I wanted to be a chef and own my own restaurant. Over the years, this selfish purpose has changed; I have sort of done what I want - to open a restaurant but I needed something bigger than my original selfish goals to bring the restaurant to a higher plane. The philosophy of Wild Rocket remains unchanged i.e. to provide good food with good service and good ambience but what drives us now is 2 pronged – 1. For the staff to all have a stake in the business; 2. To bless the less fortunate. But in order for us to do all that, we first need to be profitable and in order to be profitable we need to concentrate on what we think we do best – good food, good service and good ambience.

A word of thanks

Looking back, many people have been instrumental in helping me realise this dream. If I had to give a dollar to everyone who has helped in the success of the restaurant, I would be a bankrupt. Thankfully, none of those who have helped have ever asked for credit.

From Reddy the Bangladeshi dishwasher who volunteered to work for us for free because we didn’t have a dishwasher and because “he just wanted to help” to Stefanie who insisted on throwing a party at each of our new outlets every time we open so that all her “friends and contacts will know about us”. From Wendy, a lawyer who skipped her lunch hour just to don the waitress uniform to wait on tables because we were short-handed to regular customers like Mr Fock & family who never failed to eat at our restaurant every week during the recession to help us see through the tough times. From my mom who prayed for me day and night to Ms Choo, our landlord who kept the rent constant despite the 2007 rental surge. To the many customers who continue to come and dine at our restaurants and to every single one of my staff, who have worked tirelessly on their feet, enduring nasty customers (thankfully 97.3% of our customers are decent people who are well adjusted socially and psychologically), and despite my sometimes impossible demands, made it work everyday. Each and everyone who has helped to make wild rocket is today, I thank you all from the bottom if my heart.